My laptop has a low disk drive

i have no idea what any of you are talking about, but i do know my laptop is pretty much already dead and i need to fix it but have no idea how lol. can anyone help? please?! lol.
its little dell inspiron notebook or something like that :|

it started coming up with some blue screen with white writing and then kept telling me i have 'low disk space'. i can't even defrag it! and my internet is also playing up, alot of websites arent coming up as normal and all text down the left hand side. when i click on start, i dont even have any options anymore that come up on the left. and my backgrounds gone lol msns gone? internet explorer icon thats on desktop, now got worse lol.

so basicly,

can i save it or shud i just let go? :P
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  1. It can potentially be saved, unless it is a hardware issue, i.e. a dying hard drive. Back everything up that you want and then attempt to do a system recovery by pressing ctrl+f11 as soon as you turn the laptop on. From there follow the steps and it will restore the computer to factory settings, but it will wipe everything out in the process. If you are still getting the blue screen message after that, chances are that the hard drive is on its way out.
  2. You need to clean out you drive, if the hard drive is too full Windows won't run correctly. Start in SafeMode to keep any extra programs from loading. If you have any junk software you installed, find where the downloads for it are and delete them. Once something is installed you don't need it. edit.. by "IT" I don't mean the files that were installed, I mean the setup program that was downloaded to install them

    Go to Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel, find programs you don't use anymore and remove them. Right-click on the Recycle Bin, and Empty it. Many people delete stuff but never clear the Recycle Bin. Right-click on the I.E. icon, go to Properties, find the location to delete temporary files and do that. Set the max temporary file size to 100MB.

    Hopefully you'll be able to do enough to clean up your space and not have to get another laptop.
  3. if you're on vista or 7 a very large chuck is probably being used by system restore which by default will take multiple gigabytes. You can reduce the size from the command line by following these instructions
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