Hello, I would like to know which cpu for building a gaming computer as close to 500.00 as I can. I think my motherboard will be Asus A7N8X.Thanks for your help.
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  1. You can get a Chaintech VNF3-250 and an A64-3000 for under $250.00 US. Why would you go socket A?

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  2. craig is right but on the other hand if u know what yur doing u could buy the a7n8x and an xp2500 (for half the price of the a64) with some pc3200 ram and overclock the chip to around xp3200 speeds which i beleive is fairly close to the a64 in terms of performance? but if yur building yur first system and have never overclocked before then dont listen to me.... but all my mates did it...

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  3. You want the WHOLE computer for $500?
    I would go with what Cybercraig said...but you might have to get the 2800+ to save a couple of bucks if you want the whole thing for under $500.
  4. The best board for an XP chip is the ABIT NF7-S, hands down. I wouldn't touch that A7NX-X blue light special with a ten foot pole! :smile:

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  5. What about an eleven foot pole?
  6. An 11 foot pole would put outside of the ten foot "kill range" when that board explodes. :lol:

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  7. Personally i would like to be outside of the "injury range", not the "kill range"...but you are tougher then me i guess.
  8. I tried the XP 2500 Barton Mobile in the A7N8X as a test set-up the poor old XP 2500 cannot keep up with the MHz on the board and the fastest clock speeds that do not crash at air cooled temps are only about 2.1 GHz with a 200MHz Memory speed at Post.

    He should go the 64 route if he can get a MoB and CPU for those lower prices.

    However a A7N8X with a XP 3000+ or 3200+ is all he is ever going to need for some time if he gets a good Graphics card. DDR PC 3200 has a long life line left and unless he is going to Intel and a 800MHz set-up that's all he will need for system RAM.

    However for gamers HT or hyper threading is causing more grief then speed in home built systems. Generic Retail boxes by big company's are patched to fix most HT problems right off the Partition they install to the hard drive that controls the BOX and the recovery CD's.

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  9. Here is what I recommend to another person on here who was on a similar budget.


    Ok here is what I came up with, and in my opinion this would be a very healthy gaming system.

    I am still sticking with the 7N400Pro2 motherboard, sure there are $50 motherboards out there that would work, but this board has the killer sound card, IDE Raid, SATA Raid, Gigabyte Networking, like I said it goes on and on, it really is a killer board in my opinion.

    For a processor I think I would stick to the AMD XP 2800+, the retail package can be picked up for $121. You could get the AMD 3000+ with the 400 FSB for $140 (Then add $10 for heatsink), but I really do't see the big jump in performance for $30 dollars. Also note that I have a XP 2800+ and a 64-bit 3000+ chip, and the 2800 XP chip is faster in every benchmark I have run. I would stick with the 2800 XP, it as the best cost/performance ratio.

    I found this 430 watt case:

    You can get a more plain case for about $25 with 400 watt power supply, but to me the cool looking case is worth a little extra.

    For RAM, on an Windows XP machine, 512 MB is good even for most gaming, more will be needed in real heavy LAN multiplayers. But to start I would just get one 512 MB chip, later if you want more you could buy another, and with the motherboard above, you would then be running dual channel. Don't go cheap on RAM, cheap RAM can cause all sorts of un-explainable errors. I found Muskin 512 MB PC3200 400 mhz with a cas latency of 2.5 for $77.

    You can get a Western Digital 80 gig hard drive in IDE form (7200 RPM, 8MB cache) for $60. The SATA version which is mariginally faster, but a little more difficult to setup can be had for $70 for the same setup.

    So in total:

    Gigabyte 7n400Pro2 ... $100
    2800+ XP Retail ...... $121
    430 Watt Case ......... $42
    PC3200 512 MB ......... $77
    WD 80 gig ............. $60
    Total ................ $400

    This is right at your $400 limit, but is pretty much a complete system. Also you should note that the giga-byte does not come with on-board video, so you will need an video card. Your best bet if you want to stay on a budget is to get on eBay and pick up a GeForce4 TI-4600 or even a TI-4400 with 128 MB Ram. The TI-4600 can be had for $50-60, I have seen the TI-4400 for $30-40 on eBay. These cards are a little old, but if you do some research you will find these are still good cards, better than most new ones. The TI-4400 is just marginally slower than the TI-4600, but I think the price makes it a better choice. These cards are diffantly better than stuff like the 5200 Geforce4 (another budget card). I still use a TI-4600 card in my gaming machine, and so far run every game I have in 1280x1024 with all graphics at full (This on all current games out so far, still waiting to see about Doom3 though).

    All these prices are from I have ordered a lot of stuff from them in the past and feel they are reputable, as I have never had a problem. Some places might offer things a little cheaper, but I would rather spend a couple more dollars and have peace of mind.

    Good luck, any questions feel free to ask.

    I am using the same board and CPU, and mine runs great at 2500 mhz, which is beyong stock 3200+ speeds.

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  10. Better budget some extra money for a rental PC when that WD hard drive shoots craps in three months. Read the NewEgg reviews. Some guys have had two RMA's in six months. Unacceptable!

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  11. What? the mobile 2500+ could not keep up with the MHz on the board??? Hey! Asus nf2 board are crappy board. My mobile 2500+ run very well and cool with my Soltek nf2 board at 2.4 GHz (12x200) with air cooling (thermaltake Silent boost) having a better cooler, I could run it even higher. So, that is not the cpu that cannot run that speed, that's your crappy board.

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  12. forget the Asus board. crappy board.

    Go AMD 64 instead. you wont regret it.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  13. Yeah A64 is awesome, but find a board, chip, HD, RAM, Graphics card, Case, and PSU for 500bucks.
    Thats going to be a little hard.

    I have an A64, and i love it. But for someone who only has 500, thats not going to quite get there without stealing some parts from another computer.
  14. yea go for the underdog.

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  15. Who and or what is the underdog?
  16. "yea go for the underdog."

    Yes kanavit amd is the underdog (in market share) but clearly not in performance or value there they now shine. Good thing you are polite and honest (however bias and uninformed) cause I'd rip you apart over that statment. Kanavit take some good advice try and learn from these forums! when someone posts something incorrect or fasle they are usually bombarded with you are wrong. Don't get too emotional over intel. Try being objective and sticking to facts. Absolutly nothing wrong with intel or prefering intel but don't spread fud it irritates a lot of readers.

    So for god's sake don't get so personal about intel.

    If I glanced at a spilt box of tooth picks on the floor, could I tell you how many are in the pile. Not a chance, But then again I don't have to buy my underware at Kmart. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by darko21 on 08/07/04 07:51 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  17. Thanks to all for helping me. I will put my list together I see that I need to add a few $ to my budget and I guess that will come in the form of a better video card and i will also upgrade to a seagate HD. Thanks Again
  18. sorry , i should have rephrased it. AMD is underdog in market share. Intel is underdog in gaming performance. Go for the underdog! I went for intel because they were underdogs in gaming.

    Prescott 3.2E 1MB L2 HT
    1GB PC 3200 Dual channel(PAT)
    Asus P4P800 Bios 1016
    PNY Geforce 6800 GT 256MB DDR3
    60,823 Aquamarks
  19. Oh thats why you went for Intel?!?!....well why not get a Pentium or a P2? They would REALLY suck in gaming!! Hell here is an even better idea.
    First Generation Celeron with 32MB of RAM and onboard video...that would really be great for you. because it sucks.

    Why would you openly admit you went for something you KNEW to suck at what you wanted it for? Thats like saying you bought a geo metro because it was the underdog in the NASCAR curcuit.
  20. yeah im kind of confused by that response too. its one thing to go wiht the underdog whne it has an advatange, thats no reaosn to suggest to soemone else to choose a product exactly becuase it performs worse then the compeition, thats insane lol. thats what i call blind loyalty. how is it a fair suggestion to tell soemoen buy the slower performer just becuase you like the name better? your not helping anyone.
  21. for $500

    MOBO: Chaintech V-NF3 $82
    PROC: A64 2800+ (retail) $149
    RAM: 512 MB Corsair or Muskin value $80
    HD: WD 80gb ide drive: $62
    Case: That one you had: $36
    Video Card: Sapphire Radeon 9600: $94.

    There, came in at $503.

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  22. "Case: That one you had"

    Huh?!? i didn't mention one did i?
    Also wouldn't he need an optical drive?
    I dont know what he is willing to salvage from his old computer. if he need an optical drive and can't reuse his old case he is in serious trouble....esp, for a 'gaming machine'
  23. Hmmm... Does $500 include a monitor, mouse, keyboard, OS, CDR/DVD-ROM?

    if you have to get Windows XP and a CRT in that budget you'll be straining quite a lot...

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  24. My computer will come to around $1000-
    -AthlonXP 2500+ Mobile($90)
    -NF7-S Rev.2($85)
    -Kingston 2x256mb PC3200($95)
    -DVD-RW drive mentioned above($90)
    -Antec 350w Mid-Tower($70)
    -Logitech Z640 Speakers($60)
    -17" NEC/Mitshubishi Monitor($150)
    -ATI Radeon 9800Pro 128mb($225)
    -Good Heatsink(~$60?)

    All this comes to around $1000, you can overclock the 2500+ to 2.2ghz, I have mine at 2.4ghz and it idles at 34c. This is a great setup for under $1000.Subtract whatever you can to get it down to $500.

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