Dell studio 1535 does it have HDMI input

Does the dell studio 1535 have HDMI input or is it just HDMI output?
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  1. Usually laptops only come with outputs, i.e. HDMI, VGA, etc...
  2. So i couldnt connect my Xbox 360 and use my TV as a screen?
  3. Laptop as a screen like a TV i mean lol
  4. Nope. Output only.
  5. Darn, is there a wat to use the Dell as a TV? if so how and would it be HD?
  6. Is this VGA an input or just Output again?
  7. Output. You'd probably have to buy a TV Tuner card for the XpressPort on you laptop and then find a way to hook up an RCA cable to that. And no, it would not be HD.
  8. Thank you :)
  9. Hmmmm my friend said that the 1394 4-circuit alpha connector would do it,
    That is a new language to me? i dont have a clue what that is but aparently my computer has one :S
  10. 1394 is also known as Fire Wire, it's an input/output similar to USB only it's a little faster. It's possible I guess, but I have no clue what adapters you would need or how you would go about doing it.
  11. Thank you, you have been a big help, i will set up a new 1 to ask about this, Thank you very much :)
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