Decent $200-$400 laptop?


I would like to purchase a laptop for around $200-$400.

Preferably, it can play games decently, with at least 2.0GHz +, 4GB RAM, & Intel Processor.

I think that an Intel Core i3 would be decent, and with at least a decent graphics card (nothing like Radeon 4850HD)....

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Unfortunately there are no "gaming" laptops in that price range, the best VGA you can find in those laptops will be something like Intel 4500M HD which is one of the lowest performers in gaming, so you have raise your budget in order to get a laptop with a good discrete VGA.
  2. yeah, but if you want a bad ass looking laptop to type on you can get a used panasonic toughbook for like 320 on newegg or tigerdirect. I looked at getting one just for the water proof indestructability. if you are looking for a gaming/multimediaish laptop and can spend 5-8oo I posted links to a few with decent graphics cards, ram and gpus in another post. Cheapest worth buying that I fouund was a refurb that was link 505ish bones.
  3. Hey! I will soon be putting a 2 laptops on ebay.

    The first one is a Dell 1735 for $600

    I know your budget is $200-$400, but this isn't a bad machine for $600.

    It has:

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz


    ATI Radeon 3650 512 MB

    4 GB RAM

    17 inch screen

    6 cell battery

    320 GB HDD 5200 RPM

    Compaq Presario Q60-216DX for $450

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz

    Intel 4500MHD

    4 GB RAM

    15.6 inch

    6 cell battery

    250 GB HDD

    If you have any questions just ask. :D
  4. Not happening in that price range.
  5. Hi there,

    You may have some difficulty finding a laptop in that price range. I suggest you check out a tool called PC Scout. You can search by gaming laptops to see examples of some of the gaming laptops are available, and then use the side-by-side comparison tool to compare the specs of your top choices. This will help give an idea of what gaming laptops are available at various price points:

    MSFT Windows Outreach Team
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