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Well, I am not sure if this coming Hurricane is going to be anywhere
near last year's storms, but it looks like it is going to impact Ft.
LAuderdale a little more than North County, where I live. Looks morel
iek a rain issue than wind damage, but you never know until it hits.
So, I wanted to reiterate my offer from last year, if you guys need any
help before, during or after the storm, let me know and I will be there
with tools, truck, trailer, cash, whatever it takes. Good luck.

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    You are a good man, Ron.

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    After going through three Hurricanes at my house last year I'll be
    sitting this one out in California. Looks like it is staying south of
    my house anyway. The memories of boarding windows, weeks of running my
    pinball machines on generator power and huddling around a window air
    conditioner are still fresh in my mind.

    Good luck to you all! Be safe. I agree with Jeff, you are a good man

    See you all at South Florida APE in December.

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    Ron thanks.. I'll keep you in mind.
    This appears to be a minor one.

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    Ron is truly a special guy, always willing to give. As it looks right
    now it might hit the Miami-Dade/Broward County lines. I live just
    North of the line, should be fun. While it might be a minor one,
    everyone needs to be safe and take the necessary pre-cautions. Be

    Charlie L.
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    Be safe Ron... If you need anything, give me a call or send me an
    email. We are just preparing for alot of rain up here.

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    Thanks a million Ron. You offer is greatly appreciated. Seems like
    just a bunch of rain in my neck of the woods.

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