How do I restore my pc to the way it was when I bought it

I recently purchased an acer netbook with windows 7 starter. i downloaded a few things and now it is a mess. Sometimes I have a problem starting it. Sometimes it freezes but most of all when I try to open something or get to a site the cursor keep spinning and then nothing. c
Can I bring the netbook back to the way it was when I purchased it?
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  1. If the Acer came with recovery disks you can reload Windows 7. If not you can order them from Acer. I don't know if you have rest points in 7 starter. If you do you can try that.
  2. did you try the erestore on your computer ?
  3. In windows click Start button and Acer Management folder. There is an app to restore to factory state.

    If cannot go to windows, press F10 (for Alt F10) during the boot process. It will take you to restore session.

    Keep in mind that ALL your data will be lost.
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