How to fix laptop left in freezer

I put my laptop in the freezer to try to cool it down, then fell asleep. After taking it out, disconnected all the devices and keyboard and let it dry, but when I turned it on later the screen is blank and the num lock stays on with caps lock/scroll lock flashing for about 30 sec. then it turns off. I feel so stupid right now.. is there anything I can do or is it just trash now?
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  1. sadness
  2. wait for a few extra days, then try again. Shouldn't have done so!

    if you want to cool it down then you should've put it in the fridge instead of freezer, if you really want to put it in a cooling machine, or put it under the air conditioner set on lowest temp and highest fan
  3. yeah definetly not a safe way to go... the fan trick usually works if you have one there is another trick you can try.

    Open and remove all of the removable and openable spaces on your laptop.
    Place your laptop in a garbage bag and put the open end of the garbage bag over the top of a dehumidifier. Run the dehumidifier on high and keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Hi Jimmy,

    As previous poster had said, try to put it in places that absorb moisture. You might want to try using rice. :) Hope it works for you, remember to remove the battery as well.

  5. I'm sorry, but I have to say this is one of the most interesting things I have seen done to a laptop. Even placing it in the fridge for 10 seconds is a bad idea, so falling asleep was probably nothing bad once you went as far as sticking the thing in the freezer. It's like shooting someone in the head 3 times, then saying you felt bad bacause you also took their shoes.

    Unfortunately if you leave it out to dry for a few days, and it does not turn on, you killed it.
  6. The liquid crystals in the screen have frozen and have destroyed the screen like a burst pipe; the rest of the computer should be fine as the components can withstand the temperatures found in a typical freezer (apart from perhaps the battery). Replacement screens are expensive but a lot cheaper than a new laptop. Have you tried fitting an external monitor to your laptop?
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