11x17 B&W Laser Printer Windows Vista/ 7 Compatible

I work as an Architect and need an 11x17 B&W laser printer that works on the Vista or Windows 7 platform...with a USB connection...is it too much to ask for one at a reasonable price ($300-600)? I don't care if it's refurbished.

What I'm seeing out there is a ton of refurbished items that have old technology (parallel port) and only operate on ancient platforms such as XP and 2000.

Did they stop making 11x17 B&W laser printers for Windows platforms such as Vista and 7? If they didn't, why aren't we seeing these on the market as refurbished at reasonable prices?

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  1. I'm with you - HP used to have lots of them - I had to resort to chatting with their sales people to get models that were 11x17

    I think I'm going with this one, though. It looks like a great value, half price of the HP units quoted and I have had great luck with Canon. And they did invent the desktop laser printer so that's always a good thing :)

    Canon imageCLASS MF7460

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