Computer randomly spam types numberpad 6.

Hi, I've have this issue every since I've upgraded to windows 7 from windows vista 6 months ago. I've switched my HDD to a SSD and reinstalled windows 7 and yet it still at random times spam types the numberpad 6 non stop like 6666666. It can go on for a while like 10 to 20 minute and it stops until the next random time it decides to do it again. Restarting computer stops it for a minute or 2 and starts again. All I can do is turn off the numberpad button but it will spam the right arrow key of that 6 button, basically it's the number pad 6 that's causing the problem.

I've switched 3 usb keyboards brand new ones since this been happening so it isn't keyboard issue. I've been looking online for this issue and found no famililar issues on this. I am starting to wonder if it's because of my motherboard, cpu, rams, or any hardware failure besides the harddive and keyboard that's doing this. Currently I am using a coolermaster quick rapid pro keyboard and a razer naga mouse. My computer is a dell inspirion. If anyone can give me some suggestion or have any idea what can be the cause of the problem I'd appreciated it, I am all out of ideas.

Also I have Norton 360 and I've scan my pc many of times but it doesn't show any sign of virus. Reinstalled windows as well. Could it be also be rootkits?
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  1. Any idea or suggestion on what can be the cause would be greatly appreciated. Does bad Rams CPU or motherboard cause these random spam typing?
  2. Found a temporary solution to use a keyboard remapping program to disable the numpad 6 key so it doesn't use that key to randomly spam 6666 at times, but I still need a better solution or a understanding as to why my computer is doing this after everthing I've tried.
  3. Probably not a common issue people has, but can it be a bad sector of the motherboard that is causing the random typing? or RAMs?
  4. I don't think a bad mobo can cause this, nor can RAM. Remapping solves the issue, hence it's software-related. If the 3 new keyboards were the same model, I would suggest a problem with the drivers; if not, I am baffled.
    Try to remove the KB drivers, then reinstall the KB by using generic drivers instead of the manufacturer-provided ones.
  5. Thanks for a response, I've switched 3 keyboards, each time more and more expensive ones. USB gigaware keyboard ---> Logitech keyboard ---> Quick fire pro mechanical keyboard. They all end up randomly spamming the keypad 6 randomly at times.
  6. Different USB ports used?
  7. I switched it between 4 as well. I don't get how can a bad usb port makes the keyboard randomly type 6s though if it were a bad usb port.
  8. I was thinking since it's all transmitted via electrical signals, a bad port (interference, for example) can mimic the particular 'code' for number 6. It's a stretch, I know, but this issue is not a simple one.
    Tried a USB-PS2 converter and plug in a PS2 port?
  9. Its like spam programs can do this silly thinks. download and install superantispyware free edition 20mb only then update it. full scan.wait untill scan complete. at the time of scanning disconnect internet. for delete all virus it wants restart after getting virus list. restart .30 min after restart.uninstall the software because it takes high system speed.
  10. Thanks for the reply and suggestions guys. I'll try those and update on the results asap.

    Edit: I've also pulled out the keyboards when it happens before and it will still just keep on continuing. I've even try switching between keyboard when the 6 spams happens.
  11. So, I did the scan and all there is is tracing cookies, Also did a ps2 connection and re-enable the numberpad 6 key, an hour later it started spamming again for 16 minutes until it stop.
  12. Anyone have any more suggestion as to why my computer is doing this?
  13. Please?
  14. I would reset the CMOS (remove the battery for a while), backup all the data I need to keep on a separate drive and then erase the system drive (use a program like Killdisk to zero the drive). Only then I would reinstall the OS and see if it happens again.
    If it is because of some latent virus (formatting does not erase the drive, only marks it as usable), this should take care of it.
    If it is hardware, it will come back, and we'll have to think at possible causes of interference that is fooling the chipset into thinking it is receiving 6s from the KB. "Dirty" power lines, strong EM interference from nearby devices, etc.
    Last resort, assume the interference is coming from the mobo itself (a bad capacitor that's not filtering noise, for instance) and replace the mobo.
  15. Yea, so I did the CMOS battery change today, same thing still happens. As for drive I've switched from default WD black 500gb to a Intel 330 SSD and it still happens, so should I assume bad cap from mobo?
  16. My final reinstall of windows =.= with drive zeroed and everything possible. ALL out of idea if it don't work.
  17. ==crosses fingers==
  18. I might have found the problem, it is my razer naga. I have't fully concluded it yet though, I'll say why I think it is when I do.
  19. After reading this I was going to ask if you have any other devices i.e., your razor naga or headset that has any programmable key inputs. I've seen a the razor software accidentally record a crazy repeating key combination which was a huge mess to fix.
  20. No I don't my keyboard has no program on it just a mechanical keyboard and my headset. Do you have any source of the crazy repeating key for the razor products?
  21. Okay, so the razor naga bottom of the mouse has the function in switching the numberpad between the number key function. I've disabled the numnberpad 6 and it stopped spamming randomly at times completely for a day. I've pushed the bottom of the mouse to use the key function over the numberpad and randomly it spammed again but this time the 6 key instead of the numberpad 6. I've tested it out few times today and finally confirmed it was the naga mouse that was doing it.
  22. Completely confirmed it's the naga, just tried it on my laptop and 30 minutes later the 6666 spam... sooo happy to get this over with. Thanks for all the response and suggestions!
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    Glad you've sorted it out!
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  25. How did you end up fixing your Naga?
    Did you find a fix or just not use the mouse?
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