Acer aspire as3810t -6775 showing msg in bettery plugged in ,not charging

my laptop is not charging till today,but when i go to bettry option after ac adapter plugged in it works,and showing msg plugged in,not charging,after cable connecton unplugged it shutdowns the system.please help me out.
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  1. How old is the battery/system? It could be that the battery is simply shot and you are in need of a new one.
  2. Did you get this resolved? I'm in the same situation here. I've tried various things like removing the device driver for the battery/chargers, etc and reinstalling them with no luck. From my research on the web, it seems that it could be hardware failure with my charging unit. The problem is that I don't know if that is the case or the battery itself has started to fail. Either ways, Acer's support is so bad that I'm not inclined to sending the laptop. The last time I sent it to have the broken screen replaced, I had a very painful time of sending it back and forth multiple times.

    That said, I love the laptop and really wish I could get this resolved. It's sad that this particular model is no longer available with the SSD.
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