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I just bougth a Hazro HZ27 WC with a 2560x1440 resolution. I want to use it as a second screen of my laptop, which uses a NVIDIA GEFORCE GT300M.

Here comes the monitor description:

- LED Backlight Standard Color Gamut S-IPS
- 2560x1440 Resolution
- 1000:1 / 1,000,000:1 (Dynamic)
- 178/178 Viewing Angle
- 420cd/m Brightness
- 6ms gtg response time
- 72% NTSC / 100% sRGB coverage
- 1 x Dual Link DVI-D
- 2.5mm Audio out
- Kensignton Security Port
- 8bits [16.7Million colors]
- Dual Link DVI-D Cable, 2.5mm Audio Cable, 24V External Power Adapter, UK
- PIP/POP, Mapping: Not Supported

Here comes the description of the graphic card:

GPU Engine Specs:
48CUDA Cores
Up to 1265MHzProcessor Clock (MHz)
Memory Specs:
Up to 1066 (DDR3), Up to 800 (GDDR3)MHzMemory Clock (MHz)
128-bitMemory Interface Width
Feature Support:
PCI-E 2.0Bus Support
YesCertified for Windows 7
SLI, PhysX, CUDASupported Technologies
8.0Power Management
Display Support:
2560x1600Maximum Digital Resolution
2048x1536Maximum VGA Resolution

The monitor has only DVI-Dual input, and my laptop has only HDMI or VGA input. I want to know what kind of cable do I have to buy to link them. I already bought a HDMI cable with DVI-Dual male but is not working. As I connect the screen to my laptop, it asks me to connect the device by VGA, and since my graphic cards can't get by VGA the resolution of the monitor, the monitor doesn't respond. I mean, Windows detects the second screen in VGA mode (even when connected by the HDMI port) but only allows me to use 1960x1080 resolution.

Can anybody help me? The ideal solution would be a HDMI-DVI-Dual cable which allowed me to get more resolution than the one I have, but I don't know if that's possible.
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  1. i have the exact opposite setup as you (dvi-d out from the pc, hdmi input to the tv) but i have a solution that works fine for me. i'm running one of those cables that came with my graphics card, below is a picture of what it looks like


    the first picture that shows up (extremepc.co.nz url) is the cable that came with my graphics card.

    i had absolutely zero issues with this cable, not sure why another cable brand would be giving you trouble (unless it wasnt up to specs, was a dud, or some other oddity)

    as far as getting your laptop to use the second screen normally the fn key + an fkey toggles display modes. you could also do it from within windows as well. looks like your card supports 2560x1600 but i wonder if this number is a total (ie both screen resolutions added together) or individual (ie each monitor calculated seperately). maybe you are trying to exceed this limit without realizing it (or maybe your cable is crap, hard to tell at this point without you trial and error testing).

    if you fn toggle your laptop so that the screen shuts off and the only screen working is the 27" monitor does 2560x1440 appear (or autoselect) in the options?

    does the monitor run @ 2560x1440 when connected to another pc? (to verify that its actually a 1440p monitor (or have you seen it running and know for sure it is?) i'm not familiar with that brand.

    are you running the latest video card drivers? if not install them.

    i'm not sure if the cable has anything to do with it but you could try another brand if you think it is worth a shot. or... try hooking up another dvi device (like a normal monitor) and see if everything works kosher.


    i gave you a few things to look into but mostly its a bunch of trial and error to see exactly where the problem lies.... drivers, vid card limitations, cables or monitor.
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