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Well my motherboard died on me so I was gonna buy a cheap one and just stick the old processor into the new board. I was just wondering how hard is it to do this. My old processor is a stock amd 2000+, don't really have much to upgrade anything right now. Anyways do I just take the old processor and stick it in the new board, is it just easy as that or are there some extra steps i have to take?
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  1. If you get a motherboard for that socket then that should be about it. Aside from maybe some minor bios tweeks.

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  2. If you're keeping your old OS, it helps greatly to have a board using the same chipset.

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  3. Your gonna need some thermal paste and some 97% pure alcohol to clean off the old wax pad on the cpu.

    I don't think I'd re-use the old wax pad amd uses.

    You might wanna visit the amd website and find their instuction for cpu installation since it looks like it's your first time at this.

    To remove/replace the cpu heatsink, you'll prolly find you need a flat screwdriver to push down on the HS clip. Might wanna put something between your screwdriver and mobo in case the screwdriver slips. Don't wanna damage the mobo.

    Follow the advice above and find a mobo replacement with the same chipset drivers to avoid extra work.

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  4. Well my old motherboard was the ecs k7s5a, what would you guys recommend as a replacement. I was just gonna buy the exact same one but I can't find it over at newegg anymore. I'm not sure what chipset that one uses so maybe you guys can help me out on that.
  5. Abit NF7 or NF7-S, Asus A7N8X or A7N8X-X are very good MB for socket A. If you don't need the extra features, buy the cheapest NF7 or the A7N8X-X.

    And by the way, your Athlon 2000+ can probably be easily overclocked to 2.0GHz (or even higher).

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  6. Get ABIT NF7 v2.0

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  7. Your current board supports BOTH DDR Ram and old SDRAM. All the new modern ones support DDR only. Do you know which Ram slots you're using? I believe the slots furthest from the CPU are the SDRAM ones, so if you're using those you'll either need new RAM or an older motherboard.

    Also, If you switch your motherboard for a new one you'll probably have to re-install windows due to the chipset changes.

    It may well be that your best bet is to get hold of an exact replacement ecs board of ebay or something. probably the cheapest option too.

    TheRod Said:
    And by the way, your Athlon 2000+ can probably be easily overclocked to 2.0GHz (or even higher).

    Probably not - assuming the 2000+ and board where bought at roughly the same time, I would wager it's a Palomino - so 1.7 -> 1.8Ghz would be about the highest realistic overclock without some considerably better cooling. Of course I could be wrong...

    <i>Personally</i>, I'd get an NF7-S or similar, and new RAM if needed, and re-install windows. A fresh install is always kinda nice, but then it depends on how much valuable stuff you have installed that you wouldn't want to lose/re-install.

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