Win 7 64 home premium will not work with wireless feature of Epson projector?

I purchased a new Dell laptop with Win 7 64 home premium OS. I purchased this because my old Dell laptop with XP Professional was too slow when using the wireless feature of my Epson Projector. I just learned about Virtual PC in Win 7 pro and ultimate. Will the Epson 32 bit EMP (wireless) Projector feature work in Virtual PC mode of Win 7 64?
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  1. Try it out and see.
  2. I don't want to purchase the upgrade OS to Professional or Ultimate unless it will work. Here is my reason: I will be returning the Dell Laptop to Costco if I cannot get the Epsons Projectors wireless feature to work. This laptop was purchased with this function in mind. I cannot justify keeping it if I cannot use it to make presentation wirelessly. I should have checked out the issues with 64 bit OS and 32 bit drivers before purchasing the laptop but I didn't think of it until the laptop was in the mail. Will XP Virtual PC allow the running of 32 bit drivers on a Win 7 64 system?
  3. I don't think Virtual PC will work. It is designed for older program support. It is not meant for hardware support. It uses a specific hardware environment and you can not change it. I have never tried it with wireless so I can't be sure.

    Don't buy it. Just borrow a copy of Ultimate 64 and put it on. You can use it for 30 days (I don't remember exactly how long) without registering it. If it works buy it.

    Other option is to put 32 bit Windows on it. Again try before buy in case it won't work.

    Also check on VMWare. I think you can get older versions for free and it has hardware support.
  4. Thank you for your reply. After considerably more research I was coming to the same conclusion. It will not work! So the new laptop is going back to Costco. I am sad about that cause this new laptop is smoking fast.
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