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I have an Onkyo HTIB that I spent around 500 on around 5 years ago. It's really been great as I know most HTIB can be a big no-no. Our small dog decided one day to get behind the entertainment center and he pulled out some audio cable from the back of my receiver. Everything is fine but now both my tabs on the fiber optic ports have broke. So now they just sit loosely inside the port and go figure, I it doesn't work. I guess I could rig them someway to keep them in there but I have yet to think of a way.

My other options would be to just get a new receiver. I really don't do much with it other than watch TV and Blu ray at times. I'm not really interested in wireless capabilities or bluetooth (even though I just got a new iPhone5 that I'm sure could be integrated into the system)

Just thought I would get your guys opinion on some receivers out here. I've been a big onkyo fan for a while now. Never had any experience with Yamaha but I know they are popular as well.

I should note that there is no HDMI pass through on my current receiver or obviously I could have just done that and be done with it.
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  1. Well i sense u are looking for a cheap to modest investment so perhaps something in the $200 range is doable? If so

    Denon AVR 1612
    Pioneer VSX-522K

    ought to be looked at?
  2. You could get it repaired. It would cost about 50-70 dollars or you could go to a new/used stereo shop and get some decent trade in value on some other new or used equipment.
  3. 300-400$ more so really. I only have Onkyo speakers so really I'm not pushing anything huge but I would like to have the room for upgrade. A center channel is in my near future I do believe ;)

    Thanks for the advise thee_prisoner. I will look into that.
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