Best sound card for creative t7900 in windows 7

I have creative t7900 7.1 speacer system and windows 7 in my pc what sound card can i use ? because SB audigy value does not support its drivers in windows7
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  1. speaker systems do not have drivers to my knowledge. they are plug and play and will work on any soundcard.

    if you meant that you have a soundcard and the drivers that came with it do not work with windows 7 then check the official website for updates. perhaps they have updated it to work with windows 7.

    if you instead need to purchase a soundcard then just about any soundcard will work. personally i always have bought soundblasters under $50 and they have all been great. there is no reason to spend alot of money unless you require the features of the higher end cards.
  2. thank you for your reply. i am going to order a Creative SB Audigy 4 Sound card. But the problem i have is that I dont no weather it will work in windows 7.
    and though my speaker system is a 7.1 one it has 4 in to 3 cable it means that is ha only 3 jacks to be fix in the sound card but most of the sound cards have 4 outputs. and i am not sure weather my speaker system (creative t7900) will support Creative SB Audigy 4. I havent seen the sound card phisycaly because there are no any in Sri Lanka and I am going to try it in E bay.
    Please Help me.....
  3. i would think that your 7.1 sytem would have 4 cables seeing as a 5.1 system has 3 (ctr, fl/fr, rl/rr). you might want to look at your specs to see which cables have which function (check your speaker system manual).

    pretty much any soundcard you buy that is newer should have drivers included for windows 7. if not then there should be updates available. if you are unsure just look at the model you are thinking about buying and look (search google) to see if its win7 ready. if it doesnt come with the new drivers you might also be able to download updates.

    whatever card you are interested in you should do a little research. honestly its the same thing i'd have to do to answer your question so you might as well have a quick look yourself.
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