Can i use my laptop as a monitor?

My HDTV just lost its picture, but still has sound. I plan on getting it fixed or replaced when I can afford it. In the meantime, can I connect my laptop to the TV somehow to get the picture on the laptop screen until my budget improves? The TV is a Samsung HDTV with all sorts of inputs and outputs. The laptop is a DELL Vostro 1400 with vista on it...if that matters. Thanks. I really need my TV fix.
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  2. You can't route the video out from the TV to the laptop, but you may be able to get a card that will enable your laptop to act as a TV. Do a search for Laptop TV Tuner Card.

    If you have a monitor with HDMI or S-Video IN you can use those with your TV box as well. I did that for a bit when our TV broke.

    You can always use Hulu or Netflix to watch as well. Netflix for $10 a month offers tons of TV shows, just not the ones on this week. Tons of TV shows have almost all of their seasons on watch it now so you can stream it to your laptop.
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