What is a headphone amp? Should i get one?

Does it make the sound noticeable better?
or it just increase the possible volumes?

if you want to be specific should i get amp for the shure srh750dj

Thank you!
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  1. It won't increase your volume(well they can but I assume you don't want to be deaf)but will it make your headphones sound better maybe. If you buy much better headphones and a great headphone amp, sure it might sound better but plan on spending a lot of money.
  2. If i get the fiio e6 will it make my sure srh dj sound better?
  3. No it won't... but it'll make your volume be increased
    you should buy/use it only if you are not enough pleased of your volume... but the shure srh750dj should be a good one...
  4. My friend and I had the same question as you have and we even had an argument about that issue and in the end we have found the unequivocal answer.
    So let me tell you that you can save your money and spend it on other things if "making your sound be better" is your issue, because we searched and found out and even checked by our own and amp can only increase you volume and your volume only
    hope I have helped and you won't do any mistake ;)
  5. My friend is still sceptical about this subject and still belives that an amplifyer will make the sound.
    I would appreciate more comments
  6. Listen to thee_prisoner, Jastin and Bobby... they have told you already the answer why do you keep asking ?
    I have a computers lab on New York, one of the most popular in the city and as a person who deals with those kind of things every day (amp also of curse) I can tell you one and for once that amp should (and its only purpose) is to increase your volume...

    hope you got it and won't ask for more comments because you got enough...
  7. Thank you i got my answer
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