Acer netbook shuts down on video chat

I have purchased Acer aspire one last sunday.My net book shuts down and restarts when i do a skype video chat.Pls tell how to solve the problem.I have upgraded video drivers but still the problem persists.
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  1. Instead of troubleshooting this to death, I'd bring it back and get another one. If it continues to do the same thing, let us know and maybe we can figure something out. Either that or contact Acer support, as maybe they have a fix for it (chances are that they have seen this before).
  2. hi,

    i am facing the same problem. pls help if u have resolved the issue..

  3. Hi,

    I had the same issues and i tried absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Nothing seemed to work...
    I finally thought to myself let me try to connect a mic and headset into the jacks on the side. I then restarted my computer, logged completely out of and back into skype/ oovoo.
    Then and only then was I able to complete a video chat successfully.
    I hope this helps, and works for you all. I know this was nerve wrecking for me, but this helped me tremendously.

    Let me know how it goes!
    Re'cei <3
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