I need a patch here

Can you suggest me a patch to install more than 4 gb on win 7 home premium 32-bit os ?
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  1. If you mean more than 4gb of ram then it is not possible with a 64bit os
  2. if you mean the PAE patch

    then here it is

    how stable or if it works for you is another issue

  3. so i have to upgarde on 64 bit ?
  4. If it's more than 4gb of ram you want then yes.

    But it's not an upgrade. You have to reinstall.
  5. Doesn't PAE break the NX bit?
    - Data Execution Protection is more important.
    - No Win32 (std) process can allocate more than 2GB RAM anyway
    - Yes the other 2GB will be used, as you'll be running 80 or so processes (not processors) 'at once', plus the kernel.

    32-bit Windows has smaller pointers, so for most apps (85%+) it's faster and uses less memory.
  6. if i install only 4gb ram can i run 32 bit ?
  7. You can or you could use 64 bit and get your whole ram :)
  8. ok i will go for ultimate 64 bit ,by the way is it good for gaming ?
  9. Yes. It is superior in pretty much every way.
  10. I wouldn't spend the extra money on Ultimate for gaming (although I sense a torrent initializing...).
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