Stuck between these two monitors

hey fellow toms users well I am about ready to order my new Gaming PC parts and the last thing I am having trouble over is the monitor.

currently I am stuck between the HP 2509b 25" monitor:

And the Asus 24" vw246H:

I've read some reviews and I've only seen the hp in person and it looks phenomenal, but the vw246h also looks great from a video review I saw where they displayed crysis on the Asus and it too, looked phenomenal. at least from what I could discern from the YouTube video.

I am open to other suggestions but the limit including shipping is $200 but I wanted to see what some others thought.

I'll be having this monitor hooked up to a gtx 580.
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  1. I like the additional inch on the HP monitor, though the three-year warranty on the ASUS would make my decision right there. Though the HP monitor appears to have a higher dynamic contrast ratio, its measurement is not using a standard like that listed with the ASUS (ASCR). So I wouldn't put much faith in that 60k:1 ratio listed with the HP. If you go to the actual HP product page for that monitor, it only lists it at 3000:1 contrast ratio, so it makes you wonder from where BestBuy gets their specs:

    Again, my vote is for the ASUS.
  2. I would choose the Asus VW246H based on my experience with it's "sister" monitor, the Asus VK246H. You can read my review in the following link. Basically both are the same monitor, but the VK has a built-in webcam.

    I tend to stay away from HP monitors 'cause they are glossy.
  3. Hey thanks for the replies everyone, I managed to score the HP and it's most excellent. The colors are gorgeous and the response time is excellent.

    No dead pixels, and DAMN this thing is HUGE.
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