Best mid end monitor?+ SSD?

I'm wonderign what's the best 1920*1200 Monitor out there (mainly for gaming) at around 500$ (Give or take 50$)

Asus pro art monitor and Dell Ultrasharp U2410 are the oen I've looked at... any other suggestion?

Also wondering what's the best ssd for 100-150$ (Open for dual SSD in raid 0 also) don't really care about storage capacyty as lnog as it'S like 80-120gp

I don't know much about ssd, what do you look at for a good ssd? the f120 looks like a good one.

Will be buying on or (so canadian $) if you knoe any canadian/NA site where I can buy for cheap I would be thankful for the head up.
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  1. its hard to define "the best" as people's perception for visual displays is often different and contrasting.

    one thing to keep in mind is panel type. generally va & e-ips make up the midrange but p/h/s-ips are definitely the high end. led/no led at this point doesnt matter much (since they are more or less equal in performance). response times on pretty much any main brand monitor should be good enough for gaming, i havent heard of ghosting on these in quite some time.

    as for ssd drives it all depends on what you are looking for. do you have sata III or still sata II connections on your MB? if you bought a sata III drive and you only have sata II it will revert to sata II speeds but mantain the higher pricetag of sata III meaning you get hosed. get whichever fits your situation.

    i'm not a huge knowledge base on ssd tech but from what i understand the sandforce controller is also something to look for.

    personally i have OCZ Vertex2 sata II drives... i think 80gb ea.


    if you want more information it would definitely benefit you to use the search function on the forums and read other posts as well as check out the articles/graphs on the tomshardware main site. the more information you saturate yourself with, the better choices you will make.
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