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Hi, so i have a wicked new gaming rig and need me a headset for gaming, my budget is $100-$150, any recommendations for good ones? my friend is using tutle beach x11 and i gave it a try was pretty good but if theres something better, possibly 5.1 i'd like to know about it. Or even a good brand recommendation to check out their products, i don't really know to much about audio gear :(
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  1. I can at least give you one to avoid... the Logitech G35. I honestly don't know how they can legally call this "5.1 surround". These things are little more than an over-priced stereo headset with an attached mic. I got mine because I thought I would get some kind of advantage playing the first-person shooters (ie hear someone creeping up from behind). Just hearing things to the left or to the right doesn't really get you there. My 7.1 surround speaker system works well, but these G35 headphones don't.

    I've heard the Turtle Beach are among the best.
  2. I have the Sony MDR V6. I remember I got em for 60 and they are really nice especially for the price. The only problem i have with these and any over ear headphones is it can tend to get hot. I think my next pair will be open ear cup headphones, but the ones ive wanted are a bit too pricey.
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