Gateway NV79 first impressions

My 2.5 year old Compaq c500 wasn't really cutting it anymore. The screen is too small and it spends too much time at boot and shutdown, being a Vista system.

So I decided to upgrade and sell off the Compaq.

I bought this Gateway based on features and a cnet review. It was $620 out the door at a nearby outlet Best Buy. I could have bought similar laptops from HP or Dell at similar prices, but there would have been quite a wait to receive either.

The features I wanted:
Win7 64-bit
A BETTER touch-pad

So far I seem to have gotten just what I wanted plus more. The wireless seems very strong, picking up signals from far away. I'm really only interested in a surfing and writing machine, with perhaps the ability to do some light multi-tasking.

There seems to be virtually no heat produced while surfing.

Bloatware was very minimal. I was able to uninstall Norton and install AVG easily.
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  1. Excellent buy. What sort of graphics does it have? Intel or a dedicated card?
  2. Not sure why I thought it was $620, price out the door was actually $590.

    It's just Intel graphics, but scrolling is smooth and that's all I care about. I'll check a DVD or something though and see how it does.

    I should add that although the keyboard is big and feels really great, it's laid out a bit odd.

    Here's a link to the deal:
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