At the end of my desperate research in finding the most valuable headset for the following price range, I decided to come here and ask you guys for an advice. So, the dilemma is between Logitech G35 and SteelSeries 7H (USB one) ... To conclude, I'm open to suggestions... Thank you in advance! :wahoo:
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  1. Welcome to the forums.

    This is for gaming? Any other uses? Do you have speakers as well?

    If you can spend a bit more nothing compares to these Sennheiser PC 350s
  2. Hello, thank you!

    This is for gaming, but not mainly. I would also like to use them for music (they should be very good at this aspect) and movies. Yes, I have speakers; Logitech Z506, the problem is that the front right speaker recently died (actually two modules on circuit board; one for turning it on and off, and one for volume control). This circumstances forced me to find an alternative, since I occasionally play with my friends I decided to go for some really good headset.
    Unfortunately, PC 350 and PC 360 are about 3 times more expensive in my country than the ones I listed, I don't believe that they are really worth that much (if we calculate it to dollars; they are about 250$+ here). Can't order them from Amazon either, they don't ship to Croatia.

    P.S.: Independently of the subject, If someone could help me find a way to buy only the front right speaker for my sound system(Logitech Z506), I would be very grateful! :)
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