Word 2007 and BSOD

I have suddenly encounted the BSOD (page_fault_in_Nonpaged_area_ but apparently Only when I access Word 2007 (Student edition). Memory is fine (I've checked). I am running Windows 7 Premium Home Edition. I have also tried booting in Safe Mode, again, only with word 2007, did I get the BSOD. My next step will be to uninstall and reinstall but any suggestions would be appreaciaed. Thanks!
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  1. Quote:
    ....Memory is fine (I've checked)....

    How, specifically, did you check?

    That error is 95%+ memory related.
  2. That error is 95%+ memory related.
    No it isn't.
  3. Scott_D_Bowen said:
    That error is 95%+ memory related.
    No it isn't.

    In my experience it most certainly is. I noticed that you failed to provide any back up for your statement or to provide any suggestions to the OP. If all you have is quick snipes then I suggest that you butt out of the conversation and let the professionals handle it.
  4. Actually I must have had a bad memory chip and have not had an issue since I replaced the crucial chips. Thanks for responding.
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