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Ok, here's the deal. I have an older stereo set that I bought in 04 -05 I think - (Magnavox 3-Disc Mini Hi-Fi Stereo System with CD-R/RW Playback MAS85/17) 17-to be exact. The receiver? (big part in the middle - cd player) doesn't work but the speakers still work fine. I had an old cassette tape adapter that I was using so that I could hook my Ipod up but the quality suffers using that.

So I want to be able to ditch the receiver but use the speakers with my Ipod solely (no FM radio, CD Player, etc). From doing some research I think I need an amplifier that has an mp3/aux in port. But I'm not sure exactly which one I need in order for this to work and not damage my speakers and or the amp. I'm not sure if any of these that I found will work?

Not sure if this info will help any as well?
Links to this model manual that I found

On the back of the speakers they say 8ohms and the speaker cables are bare on the end (not banana plugged)

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :wahoo:

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  1. You do need an amplifier and any of the ones you have links to will work. The amp needs a volume control and I would get an iPod dock with RCA audio outputs for better sound and to keep it charged. Your speakers need very little power but if you get something with more than you need now it will work better when you upgrade the speakers down the road. If you have space you can use any receiver or integrated amplifier as well.
  2. Ok, thanks for the response! I thought one of those might work but just wanted to double check from people who know more about this type of thing so I didn't end up buying something that I couldn't use.

    One thing I'm not sure about is how would I connect RCA cables to the amps in the links? Or would I have to get amps that had RCA inputs on them? Also if I skip out on the dock RCA combo could I just get a RCA cable for the Ipod and still get the better sound quality that you mentioned?

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    The DTA-1 is not bad but a Lepai TA2020 which is slightly more beefier and cheaper would be a better choice. More i'd start looking at TK2050 based T-amps like the Dayton DTA-100A/Topping TP-22 For Apple products u can feed line out to an amp via kits such as these
    The TA2020 is fine with 8 and as low as 4 ohm speakers so it's all good in your case ^^
  4. Ok I think I am going to go with this amp.

    I'm not wanting to put too much money into it but still have something that sounds decent. One last question I have though, I have a aux cable that I use in my car. Is their a sound quality difference in using the aux cable vs the L1 cable that has a single input that you linked to, vs the RCA cable? I think the RCA cable you linked to will give the best sound quality but I just want to be sure.

    Thanks again for the help guys.
  5. Hmm if are talking about connecting your apple product/s via headphone out vs a proper line out, the latter is much preferred but you can try it out and see if the SQ is fine to your ears though ^^
  6. Ok that's what I thought.

    Thank you guys for the help!!!

    Have a good Thanksgiving ;)
  7. Yep u are welcomed and cheers ^^
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