I have a question about setting up 7.1

So right now I have a cheap 2.1 stereo system.
I wanted to upgrade it into a 7.1 for directional sound in FPS games. I don't really care about like high fidelity or anything. I mostly want to be in my room and immerse myself in the action.

Can I, or can I NOT plug my 2.1 system (2 speakers and a woofer) as the orange plug in my computer, and then buy 3 PAIRS of speakers and plug one pair into the black for rear channel, one pair in the green for the front, and then one in the grey looking one for the center? Would that work? Would I get directional sound in my FPS games?
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  1. That's how it works. Right on.
    You have to set the audio software to run all the speakers...but that is correct.

    But you can also run a subwoofer in the sub output. Again, set the audio software according to your speaker configuration.
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