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Browsing images on a CD cause explorer to crash.

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  • Windows XP
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October 20, 2002 8:49:01 AM

I am trying to move a family photo album over from a win2k platform to an XP one.

I burned the images using easy cd creator 4.5. I can browse the images no problem on that machine.

But on the XP machine...trying to browse images causes the system to choke.

In the event viewer there are all kinds of error messages about there being an error trying to read from cd-rom 1.
AtAPi error messages , IDEport time out messages... (no info at MS on the event iDs)

I can't decide if these are hardware error messages or just messages related to a bad cd disk media...or even something else.

Neither sounds quite right because i can read the disk fine under win2k. BUT i can also reads other CD's on XP (though i have not tried other image disks)

If i try to read images from a floppy on my 2k system i will get the same kind of errors popping up (just graphic files..psd,bmp, jpeg makes no diff)
in win98 they either load fine or tell me the floppy is corrupt.

So why don't XP/2000 fail gracefully like win98?
I would prefer a message that the media is bad instead of an endless hang until the reboot switch is pressed.

Any1 else have this kind of problem?

TIA :) )

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October 20, 2002 4:51:03 PM

the first problem is probly due to the cdrom on the xp machine having problems reading the burned disk while the one on the 2k machine can read it fine. try changing brands or burning at a slower speed. dont know about the floppy problem, i dont even own a floppy anymore.

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