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Is Movie Maker pre-installed or do I need to download it from Microsoft.
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  1. Windows Movie maker which used to be a part of Win XP, is not included in Win 7 and must be downloaded from Microsoft - this is what I had to do with my Win 7 OS. Movie Maker is a nice program and I have used it. Since we are on the subject, also consider ULead DVD Movie Factory.
  2. What I found installed was Movie Maker Live... what a piece of.... (pardon me).
    Luckily I downloaded the 2.6 version that came with Vista and I was back in business.
    I cannot believe the "geniouses" at Microsoft convinced themselves to make Movie Maker a poor piece of software in comparison to what it was before.
    Thank you for your suggestion.
  3. Glad it worked out for you
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