Asus G73 A1 reinstall windows with out bloatware

Good day:

Just got my ASUS G73 Yesterday. As expected, it came loaded with Bloatwares. The computer did not ship with a windows 7 DVD and the only way to reset it back to factory default is to do it from the recovery partition which will install the Bloatwares if i do that.

Can Anyone suggest a way so that I can reinstalled windows with out the Bloatwares? Have a nice day.
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  1. As far as I know, the only way to do that would be to call Asus and ask for the OS disk. Otherwise, you'd have to buy your own copy of Windows.
  2. I called up ASUS and asked for a copy of OS disk, they told me it is not apart of their service ( pretty much told me no).

    Has anyone actually obtained such CD from ASUS?
  3. Actually its win 7 so you don't need any specific set of disks. You can use any windows 7 disks of the same variety (eg Home Pro, Bus or Ultimate.) So far I've found that 64x/32x licenses are in fact the same (You can have it installed as 32 or 64 Microsoft dosn't care.) The problem is installing the propriety drivers that support the i7 and the built in over clocking. I believe you can get more details on how to sue the built in ASUS disks to do a manual choice installation here. I'm about to attempt this myself since I have a few problems with some of the asus garbage installed.
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