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So I am looking to buy a new headset for gaming. I will mainly be playing PC, but I also use my PS3 for COD quite often. I was looking into three headsets, the Steelseries Siberia V2, the Tritton Pro+ and the Tritton 720+. The main thing I noticed was that the Tritton Headsets use Optical Digital to put game audio from the PS3 through to the headset, while the steelseries one uses RCA (red and white) to transfer audio to the headset.... So I ask you guys, what IS the difference between Optical Digital and RCA Audio?
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  1. using optical would require some sort of soundcard or decoder onboard the headset. using rca would not.

    in general optical is considered superior to rca for audio quality but unless you buy a decent pair of headphones/speakers i doubt you will hear a huge difference.
  2. I have heard great reviews from the Siberia even though it uses RCA... I was thinking for that as my main choice... unless you can think of a better headset for PS3 and PC
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    i don't use gaming headsets so i wouldnt be able to recommend a particular model, i just know the differences. do a forum search and i'm sure you can come up with responses of others who do. or perhaps read some more reviews on the matter.

    remember that audio is a personal thing and just because 99/100 people like it doesnt mean you will.

    i prefer to use studio headphones for better sound and i dont use a mic often so i just have a cheap desk unit. audiotechnica ath-m50s in case you wondered.
  4. hmmm... will do.. Thanks alot!
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