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Why did not Apple when they came out with the new MBP line 2011 install ssd instead of using the same conventional hdd inside again?
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  1. They seem to use hardware from 2 gen ago. I'm sure it is an expensive option to get a ssd drive.
  2. Is it not about time they start to change their concepts and put in a better HD not one that chirps and people have problems with. They are an advanced computer company.Start doing the right thing and get rid of these obsolete concepts!
  3. I'm currently using a new MBP with the 500Gig drive, an SSD of the same size would have doubled the cost of the machine; the (obvious) alternative would have been a hybrid, unfortunately there are "issues" with using hybrids on MBPs (Seagate are currently investigating); when the "issues" have been fixed I'll definitely be doing a hard drive swap.
  4. You mention they are having trouble with the hybrid models what is happening with them? thanks
  5. From what I understand, some MBP owners who have replaced the standard hard drive for a Hybrid have reported the machine stalls every 15-20 minutes; Seagate (to their credit) have created debug firmware and made it available to a (restricted) number of users to help trace the problems, there are a couple of posts over on Seagate's Blog.
  6. Thanks for the input on this.I was contemplating on buying one eventually but, after this no way jose!
  7. Seagate appear to be doing all they can to address the issues, I have no doubt it'll be sorted sooner rather than later; I'll definately be replacing my MBP conventional drive for a Hybrid as soon as the problems are sorted.

    That is unless someone comes up with a similarly priced 500Gig SSD...OK, just dreaming!
  8. Can't hurt to dream.Maybe one day it will materialize and your wish will be granted.
  9. christop said:
    They seem to use hardware from 2 gen ago. I'm sure it is an expensive option to get a ssd drive.
    They use it with the new MBA now why not with the MBP now?
  10. Is Seagate a decent brand compared to OCZ or say Hitachi or Toshiba?thanks
  11. Seagates are OK but given a choice I'd rather have WD, unfortunately WD don't make Hybrids and I can't afford a 500Gig SSD.
  12. Why are these SSD so expensive to begin with?Are not hybrids any good to use? Thanks
  13. They are expensive because the hardware is expensive to make.
  14. Good answer. Thanks.What are they composed of to make it so expensive?
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