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Hello everyone,

I have been given an issue that I can't seem to fix nor find a thread that helps. I don't know if anyone is familiar with DELTEK but they have budgeting software that runs via webpage that can data crunch and you can take that data and 'Export to .xls'. The problem is that when you click on this button the file is downloaded by default with an .aspx file extension. I need this to work properly and download as an .xls file.

Excel is properly installed and I have checked all W7 updates. I also went to someone else's computer with a similar set up and did the same method, theirs returned an .xls file as expected. It baffles me because it seems like the web server is sending this gentleman an .aspx file instead of .xls, but I ruled that out since this other employee is able to get the right extension. I tried deleting cookies/temp files, resetting IE9 to default settings, seeing if there are folder options or anything at this point. And I feel like I am going crazy!

Now, I can do a 'Save As' and change the file extension to '.xls' and it will save fine like that, but this user is finding this as 'a pain in the ass' so I need to get this resolved. Again, the file needs to download by default as .xls and NOT .aspx.

Can someone PLEASE help me with this!!!
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  1. So I have done some more research and I am confident the issue resides with MIME types. I am surprised no one has even taken a stab at this. Now if I can only figure out how to edit MIME types... -_-
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