Need Decent Keyboard?

Any recommendations for buying a keyboard? Any price.
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  1. requirements?

    If searching for a mechanical keyboard id suggest a unicomp customizer. its virtually the same design as the old ibm model m keyboards which were practically indestructable. as a second choice maybe a das. should be able to get one for between $80-150.

    if searching for a rubber dome keyboard i'd suggest either one of logitechs mid to high range keyboards. as a second choice or option some people prefer split-ergonomic keyboards if they have hand problems. most keyboards in this lineup are between $50-100.

    if you're looking for one of the most expensive and rediculous keyboards (you said any price) then there is really only one choice, the optimus maximus. individual customizable oled keys and a hefty retail price of $1800!
  2. Excellent advice thank you :) I didn't know keyboards that expensive exisited and don't have that much money. SO you reckon logitech or unicomp customizer.
  3. If your looking for gaming i would definitely get something like a filco or das (~130-150) mech keyboard with mx browns or blanks. Unfortunately im poor and had to settle for a blackwidow ($75-80), which is still a hell of a keyboard and blows any rubber dome keyboard out of the water.
  4. once you've used a good mechanical keyboard i'd like to say you never go back, however we know this just isnt true. i can say however that i do prefer them over rubber dome type switches.

    the keys are not spongey, have tactile feedback when the key is "pressed" (a click normally), and come in audible and non-audible versions. i can honestly say i type better and more accurately than i do on a rubber dome type keyboard.

    just my opinion but i'd go with a unicomp.
  5. I have been using this keyboard for some time and I love it!
    At $60, you can't go wrong
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