(Random?) Blue Screens

Short(er) version:

For the past week or so I've been blue screening multiple times a day, shortly after Windows launches and I open applications. It doesn't happen every time - I'm using the same computer right now no problem, but next time I reboot it very well may bsod. Yesterday I reinstalled Windows (Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600)), and before installing any applications/updating drivers, it blue screened again. So far this morning it has once. Unfortunately I only have a couple of dumps, as it only happens occassionally, and I formatted my hdd for reinstallation of Windows yesterday.

I uploaded the two dumps that are available in my C\Windows\Minidump

Long(er) version:

About a month ago, I blue screened twice in one day, both with the error code 0x00000024. I can't remember blue screening for years prior to that. Everything ran completely normal for a couple of weeks (no blue screens), until last week.

Beginning last week, my computer blue screens at least a couple of times a day, generally around the time I open my first application, usually Chrome. The code varies now, from 0x24, to 0x3b, and many others. I'd list more, but that brings me to what I've done to try to solve them.

A couple of days ago I reinstalled windows (win7, 64 bit), formatting my C drive hoping to get rid of any bad drivers that may be responsible. Prior to the re-installation, I had just installed the full version of NOD32, and had recently upgraded my graphics drivers (nVidia 8800GT) from 195.something to 196.21. Before updating graphics drivers or installing NOD after reinstallation, however, my computer continued to blue screen (I should reiterate it's somewhat random, as far as I can tell, in when it crashes. I'm using the same computer right now to type this no problem, but next time I reboot it very well may bsod). This wiped those two things from my list of things to check.

I ran memtest multiple times, letting it do 6 passes each, and it didn't detect any issues with my RAM.

Next I ran chkdsk /f, and nothing turned up. My C drive is quite old, an IDE Hitachi Deskstar HDS722525VLAT80 250 GB. I visited Hitachi's website, downloaded a drive analyzer that I had to burn to a disk and reboot with, which did a check that took much longer during boot up. Still, it didn't find anything wrong with the drive.

At this point I'm at a loss as to where to look, what to do, what information I ought to post, what to test and how.
(same dump as above BSoD.zip)

I probably gave way too much information in parts of this post, and way too little in others. If anyone can help me out, whether by letting me know what the culprit might be, or more info I can submit, please do! Thanks :)
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  1. I am having the same issue with my Windows 7, what I did was update my video card drivers, which did not solve the problem but the random BSOD's were less frequenct.
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