Looking for advice, 2.1 Speakers & a Soundcard for ~$200 Cdn.

I'm open to recommendations as far as which speakers I should get. I realize my budget is rather small, though it would be nice if things such as frequency response were as close to 20Hz-20KHz as possible, so I could hear the full range of sound. I would like it if the speakers were reasonably durable, and the most important points to me are that music and plain speech sound as good as possible.

As far as the soundcard goes, I'm not sure that any other card than the one listed below would fit within my budget, and I've the feeling that given the lack of shipping cost, other than maybe buying used, Futureshop may be my best bet for that particular model. If there's a better option let me know.

My research thus far has brought me to two possibilities:

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers:


Asus Xonar DG Sound Card:

I'm not sure if I should buy from Future Shop, they've free shipping but maybe I could find a better deal locally or online. I'm in West Vancouver BC if that helps search for deals.

I did see it mentioned that you could find good deals on the Klipsch speakers if you search for used sets on Ebay, though I imagine that's hit and miss.

If buying online I prefer places that accept Paypal, might be able to manage a credit card or money order if that's the only way to get the best deal, assuming it's worth the effort for me.

Thank you to those who may help.
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  1. Pretty much set on getting these now, thanks anyway.
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