Help! Final choice of parts for new gaming pc

Okay peeps ive come up with the parts im going to get for my new pc and i just want u guys to tell me if its sweet or if i should change something in it..

Here is the list

Thermaltake tsunami black case
antec 480w true blue dual fan atx
msi k8n neo plat
amd 64 3400 clawhammer
maxtor calypso diamondmax sata 200gb (8 mb cache)
ocz pc3500 dual channel plat kit 1024mb (ddr 433)
msi r9800 pro TD-128 (xt core)

ill buy a better gfx card later on when i have some more $$$

So does it sound good to you guys?

Thanks alot
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  1. I would get the Asus K8N-E Deluxe board,
    If you do get the Msi board, update the bios first thing, and if you want to use the front USB ports, find out if you need to pull 1 wire and which wire it is.
    Personal preference is also with Seagate drives, because they are often quieter, and I've had fewer fail.
    I am sure you know that socket 754 does not support dual channel ram, and that you are getting that because of price, and OCability, right?
  2. I personally think the maxtor drives are very noisy. I would go with the Western Digital drives.

    How long do you plan on using the 9800P?

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  3. I am in the EXACT same spot as you as far as what I am gonna purchase. I think from what everybody is telling me is that i might save up just a little more to go with a 3500+ setup because s939 is where AMD is going. Either way though the 3400 and 3500 are neck and neck and are sweet @$$ setups.
  4. Socket 939 is too new, and the chips are too much$
  5. yeah... i know they dont support dual channel ram... im only getting it cuz of ocn and stuff...
  6. uhhhhh ill prolly just stay with the 9800 till ive got enuf money for a 6800 or sumting... im not to sure bout that...

    and what Western digital or seagate hard drive can you recommend??
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  8. I have the 200GB 7200RPM 8MB cache drive as well as the 120MB version. I'd go for those, ATA or Serial ATA.

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  9. 9800 Buy the HIS 9800PROICEQ at New Egg for $230. Best vid card for the money.
  10. I'm using WD 120 8MB HD.
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