Lenovo IBM X60 - parts and cleaning rubberized casing?


I just got hold of a Lenovo X60 CTO with T7200 2.0Ghz processor and 4Gb DDR2 for the grand price of £30. Needs a couple of parts to get it operational and looking for your guys help :

1. New set of rubber feet as a couple have fallen off
2. Genuine 8 cell battery at a good price

Any ideas

The main thing I also need to know is how to clean these rubberized coated casing on this laptop/netbook. There was a sticker on it and I peeled it off, obviously leaving a sticky residue. But the case is coated and hard to clean. Don;t want to ruin it and make it look a mess, how can I clean this casing? Special product etc...?

Thanks guys

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  1. Try a small amount of 'GOO-GONE' on a rag...
  2. Seems hot water + organic washing up liqued did the trick. Obviously still a bit of shining left where the sticker merged to the case. All sorted, thanks
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