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Error Message "Cant load language resorces"

Last response: in Windows XP
October 20, 2002 5:46:02 PM

everytime i click on Control Panel or even pass over it on my way to My Pictures I get an error message that says "cant load language resorces"
and I HAVE to Click OK in order to continue. does anybody know whats up with that?
XP pro
How can i fix it without having to reinstall windows
October 20, 2002 7:15:06 PM

Eh... never encountered that before, but check your event log (from event viewer) and see if you can get more detail from there, then either search the error code on google, or post it here.
October 23, 2002 5:04:19 AM

I cant get any info from the event viewer

how else can i try to get a reason for this pain in the butt

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October 23, 2002 6:20:44 PM

Check your language/regional settings in the control panel. Make sure they're set properly. Reintalling the files may help as well... but I'm not sure how to go about doing that short of reloading XP.

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October 24, 2002 7:30:58 PM

it was caused by ATI file
a few months ago i tryed to install the new ATI drivers for my 8500DV and they screwed up my screen a little bit. i was getting a bright white line across the top couple of rows of pixels so i uninstalled that driver and when i did that it screwed up a file somewhere.
What you have to do is locate MMCPL.CPL and rename it MMCPL.old and it will fix the problem