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So i bought a logitech z523 from newegg. They were great until about 2 weeks ago when i thought the left speaker was making a low static noise and a constant low pop. I will probably turn them in for warrenty and get a new pair but with the holidays approaching, i'm considering getting myself an upgrade to the Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500. Does anybody know, from first hand experience, if these speakers are worth getting? Also if you have any suggestions for a pretty good 2.1 speaker system in the $200 range that would be appreciated. I would like a powerful woofer and some crisp speakers that can handle the lows, mediums, and high as well as not get distorted at high volume. I'm not sure if that's possible at a $2--.00 range.
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  1. I would say at the $2xx price point and with so many awesome deals Black Friday no point going with poorly built and muddy sounding PC/Multimedia fare! With some smart spots one could really land a nice 10" active sub some Polk/Pioneer bookies and a T-amp for that sort of money ^^
  2. I looked into the polk i think i really like them. However i am not too familiar with how speakers need to be set up. I get the general part of plug the 3.5mm jack into the port on a sound card but how do amps work and do i really need it for pc speakers?
  3. 3.5mm off soundcard --> amp --->speaker wires---->speaker/s
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