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I have a SADA mother board with a Lava PCI card connecting the printer with the 13 pin cable.
The printer HP softeware has found the printer usinga USB 001 Virtual Printer setting but
in device manager I'm recieving a yellow caution symbol for the Lava card which is set up on a LPT3
PCI bus 6 position. I look at the drivers in device manager an it says no driver installed. When I try to
install the drivers from Lava I receive a message "windows has determined that the software driver is up to date"
how can a driver be up to date if the device manger says there is no driver installed.
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  1. This may or may not fix the problem. Try deleting the card in device mananger than then scan for hardware changes. Let me know if this doesn't solve the problem. If there is an error code please post it as this would helpful.
  2. I pulled the card out an reinstalled it tried again to install the drivers I receive a message "A service installation section in theis INF is invalid". I've tried every driver for windows 7 avaialble on the Lava site contacted Lava
    they in turn sent a older driver which didn't work either. The system prints and scans with the printer software
    but I still get a indication that the Lava card is not working and needs attention.
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