Stream from tuner to speakers over home network -wired or WIFI

Folks....I have a fine tuner and several sets of speakers which I would like to install in other rooms in the house. I have ethernet in all of the rooms (wired or WIFI). Is there a hardware box which I can connect to my tuner and to the network in my den, and then another box in the room with the speakers which is connected to the speakers and the network? The goal is to play the same music in both locations. I do not want to have to have running PC's at either location.

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  1. Wired all the way. Wireless sound is ok for back ground music but for semi serious listening, wired is so much better. It's probably me but wifi/wireless music lacks highs and lows.

    And in terms of a box to hook that all that up, there are plenty of options.

    Happy multi room listening, the Prisoner.
  2. Take a look at Sonos. You could connect your Tuner to it but since it will give you internet radio and local channels over the internet you might not need the tuner. You can control it from your smartphone or other devices. It does a lot more as well.
    There are other systems so just Google wireless house audio.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will check out the Sonos and let you know what I think.
  4. Folks....Well, I looked at SONOS and followed on the "wireless house audio" Google suggestion. I thought my idea was simple, a box hooked to my tuner and another hooked to my office speakers. Apparently it is not that simple, or not so within in my discretionary budget. $300-3000 is way too much. Oh well, it was a good thought......RDK
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