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I own an asus g73. I have not encountered any problems for the 3 months that i owned it. This morning i woke up, and it was in a dos screen, with insert correct disk screen. I have since tried everything from safe mode to all the other options from the windows boot up menu. It seems when i power up the machine and enter windows, the keyboard becomes unresponsive, and it becomes blank. How can i recover my os without the any recovery disks.
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  1. which bios are you running? This sounds like a bios issue because of the unresponsive keyboard...upgrade to 209 and use the EZflash in the bios to access a thumb drive with the bios unzipped on it.

    Did you back up the OS like it asked? when I got my G73 the ASUS bloatware asked (by default) to backup the OS...this is ASUS' way of not including the Windows 7 disc. If you screwed up and ignored the prompt or turned it off you won't be able to reload windows. In safemode try to see if you can disc restore to an earlier point. Also go to the ASUS forum on the G73...
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