Best headphones/setup for bedroom TV?

I need some headphones for a bedroom TV and how things would work.

I would like to have some headphones that were wireless that would sit on the bedside table and would be ready for use at any time. It would be great if I could toggle the sound to come out of either the TV speakers or the headphones without having to get up and plug/unplug the headphones. I believe that if I Mute the TV, the headphones would Mute also. Maybe I am wrong in this.
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  1. how much are you looking to spend? (min/max)
  2. ryanhmusic said:
    how much are you looking to spend? (min/max)

    Well, I would want them to work, obviously, and not break after a few uses. Other than that, they don't have to be very high quality. These will be for my wife, under casual TV viewing. We aren't talking about something for movies or games.
  3. Cheap wireless headphones don't work well in my opinion. You don't have to spend a bunch of money but you might want to read up on some reviews first to see what is decent.

    In terms of the muting aspect. It might depend on what TV you are using. The TV might have a a/b type switch where the main speakers are on and the "B" switch is off. Through the TV audio menu you can check what your audio options are for switching between audio outputs. Posting the TV name and model number will help us to give you advice.

    Happy Listening, the Prisoner.
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