Unable to remove the cover on the back!


As the title says, i cant remove the cover on the back on msi gx620 that covers the processor, gpu and all those things. Its really tight. I opened it half way but the next pull broke a piece of plastic securing it with the laptop's body. As far as i can see, only 1 screw secured the cover and i removed it.

The HDD cover though had 2 screws and after removing the screws and a slightly strong pull it came out. But this cover wont come out... i got to clean that heatsink inside! :(

Any tips on how to remove it please? It took me a good 10 mins to remove it half way through and at that moment a piece broke and i immediately closed it

Thanks! :cry:
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  1. Usually laptop cases have way more than one screw holding them together, and the connectors may be tough to undo.

    I did a search but could not find a service manual for your model, try contact MSI and see if they have something.
  2. nah nvm i found the screw, it was hiding under a white sticker :$ .. cleared the fan off the dust but the thermal grease is out of shape.. gtta change tht
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