Audio problem with pioneer VSX-95 Elite receiver

beginning today, my unit does not have audio output when in any of the surround modes such as Theatre, Hall, etc. but does have output when the Direct button is pushed. This unit has worked without issue for many years until today. Has a setting been accidently changed or does the unit need repaired?
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    Sounds like the surround decoder chip is bad. You could unplug the unit from ac for ten minutes and see if that helps. If not the part you need might be out of production but you could try checking with Pioneer and get a part number to look for.
    Given that it is about ten years old and doesn't have digital surround sound it may be time to stimulate the economy and replace it.
  2. Hehe American, I have a Sony 1000ESD pre-amp (and it is digital) in a guest bedroom that I bought in 1989. It's still going strong. It works fine when friends or family come over when they want to listen to music or watch TV.
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