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Here's one for all you audiophiles....I want to convert a 1/4 (or XLR) mic output to a midi signal. I've looked around, but due to my underwhelming experience in these matters, have only become more confused than when I started-if that's possible. My goal is to play a harmonica (harp), and have access to all the different choices of a program. I've been playing for forty years, and am now officially sick of the limited effects which are available. Though a novice in the audio area, I am proficient with electronics, and would LOVE to get some helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance to all who respond.
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  1. Haha, I can't believe MIDI has been around for almost 30 years. And it is still good today!

    You will need a MIDI controller of some kind and really an inexpensive one will work and just fool around with that to see what you like. I'm not a musician but like to screw around with sounds but a good tip would be to go to a local music shop and ask them about MIDI and tell what you want to do. If they try to start and sell you something really expensive walk away.

    For that matter, you might find a cheap keyboard at a thrift store that might do the trick. That is where I found mine years ago.
  2. Record your performance and then (google) for a audio-2-midi application. Or you could just save yourself the trouble and install a virtual midi keyboard (Bome's midi keyboard etc.) with a virtual midi port (midiyoke/loopbe) and use your PC keyboard though it's not much fun...
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