Performance of 4250 +256mb sideport?

The new AMD Champlain laptops that started showing about a month ago seem to usually have a 4250 igp + 256mb onboard memory. How big of an upgrade is this over the old 4200? Also, these systems now use DDR3, does this extra bandwidth help when using an igp?

I don't need much, I still play UT2004 when I feel like killing something, WoW when I am feeling social, and the local female will play Sims 3 now and then.
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  1. I found an answer, translated from Bulgarian so the english is a little off, but still readable. The performance charts are easy enough to read. Bottom line is the 4250 + 256mb is just slightly better than Intel's, so it looks like paying $150 extra for a wimpy dedicated card is still the way to go, too bad. Well, at least until Fusion next year.
  2. It's a slight upgrade as it's basically the laptop version of the 790GX with sideport while the older 4200 is closer to the 780G/785G chipset. As for the DDR3, extra bandwidth always helps, just not significantly if you're limited by the IGP :D.
  3. I'm guessing the 256mb memory would help most in low res play (800x600, or 1024x768) because everything would fit in the 256. It seems no one tests older games at those resolutions anymore though, even though those are the games and resolutions people with igp normally use.

    I'm hoping Fusion, with it's 400+ shaders, is a world changer for laptop users.
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