Thick Green Vertical Stripe on Dell 2005FP Monitor


My Dell 2005FP monitor has thick green vertical stripe down the screen, near left side of screen. It suddenly appears, requiring shut down of computer to clear, then eventually reappears after rebooting. Is this problem the monitor, or perhaps the nvidia 6800 video card, or something else?

Thank you. Al
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  1. It could be either one, so the next time it happens just turn off the monitor for a minute and then turn it back on. If it is fine for a few minutes then it is more likely the monitor, but if it is instantly the same then it is more likely the graphics card.
  2. After turning off the monitor for a few minutes, then turning it back on, the green stripe reappears after 5 or more minutes. The test tells me that it's more likely the monitor (not the graphics card), but I haven't been able to purchase a new monitor yet to see if in fact that was the problem. When I do, I will keep you posted. Thank you very much again.

    Al Eidenberg
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