I need a good gaming mice


Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section but I couldn't find a better one.
I need someone to recommend me a good mice to purchase, a gaming one. Just now I have a Logitech MX revolution, which I think it's really confortable,as it has the back n forward buttons aside,and some more but left button has broken. I guess the contact in it was not very strong, I had to open it several times to get it sorted somehow but now can't even play my games or use it in windows... :fou:

I would like to get something like it, if possible wireless, as I hate gaming with a corded mice or mouse.I have seen some but thheir prices are sky high. :pfff:

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  1. i've always had the best luck with wireless logitech devices. if you want to go wireless i'd look at their new lineups. there is probably a new version of a "revolution style" mouse on the market, perhaps look into what is out there.

    for corded mice, i prefer the razer deathadder.
  2. Yeah good looking ones,but not sure about them. Definatly NO for the Cyborg one. You pay too much and I don' want a transformer. It looks cool though..

    The problem is Logitech is going crazy with their prices,some of them are 100£. I was looking at the Razers,but they are wired.

    Another wired one :-( is the Coolermaster Sentinel, anyone think it's good? The thing is that I always end up fighting with the cable and makes me angry when gaming.

    Not many choices I think or too many and expensive.
  3. Razer mice are way too expensive and plus you have to buy it from an authorized reseller (there are very few of them) to honor the warranty that they have or they won't honor it (I can tell you all about it). But here is a good Razer wireless mouse:


    The only thing is that thing sleeps like every couple of seconds that you don't use it. Perfect for notebook gamers
  4. @taco pretty much all the wireless mice i've had in the past go to sleep if you dont use them for a few seconds. you get used to micromovements to counteract this, or at least i did. seems like this is the price you pay for wireless. if you think razer mice are expensive, then the whole mouse market as a whole is overpriced. i agree prices are high but not any worse than their competition.

    @op i agree that logitech charges whatever they want nowdays for a mouse. that said, they do make cheaper models which should perform okay. to avoid that wire issue i normally keep some slack up on the table which eliminates frustration due to the wire snagging.
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